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Lerner, Sharon - The War on Moms: On Life in a Family-Unfriendly Nation, ebook

The War on Moms: On Life in a Family-Unfriendly Nation

Lerner, Sharon


Why life is harder on American families than it's been in decades—the book that takes the blame away from moms and puts it where it really belongs
Pressed for time and money, unable to find decent affordable daycare, wracked with guilt at falling short of the mythic supermom ideal-working

Hughes, James E. - Complete Family Wealth, ebook

Complete Family Wealth

Hughes, James E.


Each family member plays a distinct role, and by exploring each member’s responsibilities in terms of the family enterprise, this book provides insights and ideas for real-world families struggling with all-too-common challenges.

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe - Migrant Domestic Workers and Family Life, ebook

Migrant Domestic Workers and Family Life

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe


Growing Up With Migration: Shifting Roles and Responsibilities of Transnational Families of Ukrainian Care Workers in Italy
Olena Fedyuk
7. Family Rights in a Migratory Context: Whose Family Comes First?
Magdalena Díaz Gorfinkiel
8. Live-in Caregivers