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Legassick, Martin - Armed Struggle and Democracy, ebook

Armed Struggle and Democracy

Legassick, Martin


The impact of the concept(s) of armed struggle for the notion(s) of democracy in South(ern) Africa is the focus of this paper. Originally submitted to a conference on (Re-) Conceptualising Democracy and Liberation in Southern Africa, held in Windhoek/Namibia during July 2002, it argues from

Losurdo, Domenico - Class Struggle, ebook

Class Struggle

Losurdo, Domenico


Class Struggles and Struggles for Recognition
Domenico Losurdo
5. Overcoming Binary Logic: A Difficult, Unfinished Process
Domenico Losurdo
6. The Multiplicity of Struggles

Selwyn, Benjamin - The Struggle for Development, ebook

The Struggle for Development

Selwyn, Benjamin


This labour-led struggle for development can empower even the poorest nations to overcome many of the obstacles that block their way to more prosperous and equitable lives.

Berruecos, Susana - Mexico’s Struggle for Public Security, ebook

Mexico’s Struggle for Public Security

Berruecos, Susana


Introduction: Mexico’s Struggle against Organized Crime
George Philip
2. Mexico’s Fight for Security: Actions and Achievements
Alejandro Poiré
3. Organized Crime and Violence in Mexico, 2007–2010
Eduardo Guerrero
4. “Ya saben quién”:

Allier-Montaño, Eugenia - The Struggle for Memory in Latin America, ebook

The Struggle for Memory in Latin America

Allier-Montaño, Eugenia


“From Conspiracy to Struggle for Democracy: A Historicization of the Political Memories of the Mexican ’68”
Eugenia Allier-Montaño
9. The Commissions for the Study of Violence in Colombia: An Analysis of the Official Devices and Narratives of the Past

Day, Juhana - One Day at the Time, ebook

One Day at the Time

Day, Juhana


Through the storms of misfortune, chronic pain, struggles of love, stuck in time. Finding oneself in the dusts of the past. New dawn, gifted with patience, honor and the wisdom of life. Our greatest moments, moments that sculpt and define us. The very essence of