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Mujunen, Salme - Structure of the Dog: Basic Course, ebook

Structure of the Dog: Basic Course

Mujunen, Salme


Structure of the Dog - Basic Course is a book for everyone interested in the structure and wellbeing of dogs. The book has 300 A4-sized pages. It includes 98 exercises and numerous illustrative photos and drawings, which guide you to understand the

Rangwala, Huzefa - Protein Structure Methods and Algorithms, ebook

Protein Structure Methods and Algorithms

Rangwala, Huzefa


This book helps unravel the relationship of pure sequence information and three-dimensional structure, which remains one of the great fundamental problems in molecular biology and bioinformatics. It describes key applications of modeled structures, focusing

Schmitz, Andreas - The Structure of Digital Partner Choice, ebook

The Structure of Digital Partner Choice

Schmitz, Andreas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Andreas Schmitz
2. Online Dating – A Meeting Point for the Modern Individual and Traditional Individualism
Andreas Schmitz
3. The Market Character of Online Dating
Andreas Schmitz
4. Classical…

Mateu, Mauricio G. - Structure and Physics of Viruses, ebook

Structure and Physics of Viruses

Mateu, Mauricio G.


Determination of the Structure and Physical Properties of Viruses
3. Conventional Electron Microscopy, Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Cryo-Electron Tomography of Viruses
José R. Castón
4. X-Ray Crystallography of Viruses
Nuria Verdaguer, Damià Garriga,

Ashforth, Cindy - Composite Structures: Effects of Defects, ebook

Composite Structures: Effects of Defects

Ashforth, Cindy


Presents the latest strategies in the development and use of composite materials for large structures and the effects of defects
Practical Design and Validation of Composites Structures: Effects of Defects offers an important guide to the use of

Souder, Christopher - Temporary Structure Design, ebook

Temporary Structure Design

Souder, Christopher


A comprehensive guide to temporary structures in construction projects
Temporary Structure Design is the first book of its kind, presenting students and professionals with authoritative coverage of the major concepts in designing temporary construction

Bedi, Ashwani - Structure for Architects: A Primer, ebook

Structure for Architects: A Primer

Bedi, Ashwani


An introduction to the concepts and principles of architectural structures in an easy-to-read format
Written as an easy-to-understand primer on the topic, Structure for Architects engages readers through instruction that uses a highly visual format

Ambrose, James - Building Structures, ebook

Building Structures

Ambrose, James


This new edition continues its legacy as the reference of choice for architects studying contemporary issues and design practices for building structures by taking a conceptual approach that foregos complicated mathematics. Looking at the role of the structure

Agarwal, Yamini - Capital Structure Decisions: Evaluating Risk and Uncertainty, ebook

Capital Structure Decisions: Evaluating Risk and Uncertainty

Agarwal, Yamini


Inside the risk management and corporate governance issues behind capital structure decisions
Practical ways of determining capital structures have always been mysterious and riddled with risks and uncertainties. Dynamic paradigm shifts and the multi-dimensional operations of firms further