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Sturrock, John - Structuralism: With an Introduction by Jean-Michel Rabate, ebook

Structuralism: With an Introduction by Jean-Michel Rabate

Sturrock, John


John Sturrock’s classic explication of Structuralism represents the most succinct and balanced survey available of a major critical movement associated with the thought of such key figures as Lévi-Strauss, Foucault, Barthes, Lacan and Althusser theory.
A classic work in literary

Bokulich, Alisa - Scientific Structuralism, ebook

Scientific Structuralism

Bokulich, Alisa


Table of contents
1. Structural Realism: A Neo-Kantian Perspective
Michela Massimi
2. In Defence of Ontic Structural Realism
Steven French, James Ladyman
3. Structuralist Approaches to Physics: Objects, Models and Modality
Katherine Brading
4. Mathematical Structural Realism
Christopher Pincock

Tuominen, Kari - The textual dimensions of post-structuralist thought, ebook

The textual dimensions of post-structuralist thought

Tuominen, Kari


Reilly goes on to consider the Post-Structuralist argument that Nietchean aesthetics, a central notion of Post-Structuralism, confronts the modern reliance on the Platonic notion of truth and the Cartesian concept of subject. The Textual Dimensions of Post-Structuralist

Veyne, Paul - Foucault: His Thought, His Character, ebook

Foucault: His Thought, His Character

Veyne, Paul


Michel Foucault and Paul Veyne: the philosopher and the historian. Two major figures in the world of ideas, resisting all attempts at categorization. Two timeless thinkers who have long walked and fought together. In this short book Paul Veyne offers…

Loyer, Emmanuelle - Lévi-Strauss: A Biography, ebook

Lévi-Strauss: A Biography

Loyer, Emmanuelle


Academic, writer, figure of melancholy, aesthete – Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908–2009) not only transformed his academic discipline, he also profoundly changed the way that we view ourselves and the world around us. 
In this award-winning biography,…

Keltner, Stacey - Kristeva, ebook


Keltner, Stacey


Julia Kristeva is one of the most creative and prolific writers to address the personal, social, and political trials of our times. Linguist, psychoanalyst, social and cultural theorist, and novelist, Kristeva's broad interdisciplinary appeal has impacted…

Cunningham, Valentine - Victorian Poets: A Critical Reader, ebook

Victorian Poets: A Critical Reader

Cunningham, Valentine


Victorian Poets: A Critical Reader features a collection of critical essays focusing on various aspects of Victorian-era poetry from the 1830s to the 1890s.Presents key criticism on Victorian poetryFeatures contributions from a variety of scholars in…

Rivkin, Julie - Literary Theory: An Anthology, ebook

Literary Theory: An Anthology

Rivkin, Julie


The new edition of this bestselling literary theory anthology has been thoroughly updated to include influential texts from innovative new areas, including disability studies, eco-criticism, and ethics. Covers all the major schools and methods that make…