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Stein, Steven J. - Emotional Intelligence For Dummies, ebook

Emotional Intelligence For Dummies

Stein, Steven J.


Manage your emotions — identify your feelings, determine whatbeliefs cause negative emotions, and stop self-destructive behaviors
Discover the power of empathy — read other people's emotions through facial cues and body language and show them you understand their feelings

Yeung, Rob - Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies, ebook

Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies

Yeung, Rob


A guide to stunning your interviewer with perfect answers to stumping questions
In today's competitive job market, a stellar interview lends you an edge over the competition, which can make or break your chances at a new career. Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Billsberry, Jon - Experiencing Recruitment and Selection, ebook

Experiencing Recruitment and Selection

Billsberry, Jon


Recruitment and selection can be a stressful and traumatic process for both people and organizations. But how does it feel to actually be involved? Giving a voice to both applicants and recruiters in a unique package, Experiencing Recruitment and Selection uses real-life stories to

Dorland, Su - Exam Stress?: No Worries!, ebook

Exam Stress?: No Worries!

Dorland, Su

From 19,30€

•    Includes a free CD with centering exercises, visualization techniques, and relaxation tracks
•    Offers advice for students mixing work or other commitments with study, as well as off-campus students, mature students, international students, or students from migrant worker

Walters, Charlotte - 56 Sherlock Holmes Stories in 56 Days, ebook

56 Sherlock Holmes Stories in 56 Days

Walters, Charlotte


Although it was a pleasure for a life-long Holmes admirer to re-visit the stories, trying to do this on top of holding down a busy full-time job and family commitments was a big challenge - resulting in some stressful but comical

Cooper, Cary L. - From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1, ebook

From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1

Cooper, Cary L.


A Meta-Analysis of Work Demand Stressors and Job Performance: Examining Main and Moderating Effects
Simona Gilboa, Arie Shirom, Yitzhak Fried, Cary L. Cooper
11. The Mediating Effects of Job Satisfaction and Propensity