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Francis, David J. - Educator Stress, ebook

Educator Stress

Francis, David J.


Defining the Problem of Educator Stress in the Context of Current Education Challenges
1. School Context and Educational System Factors Impacting Educator Stress
Rebecca J. Collie, Nancy E. Perry, Andrew J. Martin
2. Current Knowledge on the Nature, Prevalence,

Beckman, Kenneth B. - Oxidative Stress in Aging, ebook

Oxidative Stress in Aging

Beckman, Kenneth B.


Retrograde Response, Oxidative Stress, and Cellular Senescence
João F. Passos, Thomas von Zglinicki
4. Reactive Oxygen Species in Molecular Pathways Controlling Aging in the Filamentous Fungus Podospora anserina

Holtzman, Jordan L. - Atherosclerosis and Oxidant Stress, ebook

Atherosclerosis and Oxidant Stress

Holtzman, Jordan L.


Oxidative Stress in Arterial Hypertension: Oxidative Stress and Hypertension
Rhian M. Touyz, Ernesto L. Schiffrin
5. Lipids, Oxidation, and Cardiovascular Disease
Myron D. Gross
6. Nuclear Receptors in the Control