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Cooper, Cary L. - Stress: A Brief History, ebook

Stress: A Brief History

Cooper, Cary L.


Stress: A Brief History is a lively, accessible, and detailed examination of the origins of the field of stress research.
First concise, accessible, academically grounded book on the origins of the concept of stress. Explores different theories and

Dorland, Su - Exam Stress?: No Worries!, ebook

Exam Stress?: No Worries!

Dorland, Su


And while the content of a course may not be impossible to master, for many, the stress surrounding an exam often is. In Exam Stress? No Worries! trained psychologist Su Dorland gives frazzled students insights into  the causes

Araoz, Daniel - Power Over Stress at Work, ebook

Power Over Stress at Work

Araoz, Daniel


Daniel Araoz recognises that stress is partly caused by the many technological advances which have re-shaped our lives. This essential guide shows that 'danger zones' can be spotted in advance and stress may never materialise. However, if it has already

Dolan, Simon L. - Stress, Self-Esteem, Health and Work, ebook

Stress, Self-Esteem, Health and Work

Dolan, Simon L.


Self-Esteem and Stress: A Critical Analysis
Simon L. Dolan
4. Why Does Occupational Stress Occur? Antecedents and Consequences
Simon L. Dolan
5. Individual Strategies for Managing Occupational Stress

Ahmad, Parvaiz - Water Stress and Crop Plants: A Sustainable Approach, ebook

Water Stress and Crop Plants: A Sustainable Approach

Ahmad, Parvaiz


Plants are subjected to a variety of abiotic stresses such as drought, temperature, salinity, air pollution, heavy metals, UV radiations, etc. To survive under these harsh conditions plants are equipped with different resistance mechanisms which vary from species to species. Due to the environmental