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Cowlin, Chris - The Lady Gaga Quiz Book, ebook

The Lady Gaga Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


So you think you know all about Lady Gaga from her early successes through to her current domination of the world music scene? But do you know her real name or how she got started in the music business? What about the lyrics to her songs or the influences…

Reuting, Jennifer - Limited Liability Companies For Dummies, ebook

Limited Liability Companies For Dummies

Reuting, Jennifer


You'll find the most current, real-world advice on customizing an LLC for your specific business needs, creating a great operating agreement, keeping accurate records, and new information on federal regulations and fees that are applicable to LLCs, as well as a link

Harvey, Greg - Excel 2019 For Dummies, ebook

Excel 2019 For Dummies

Harvey, Greg


It includes information on creating and editing worksheets, formatting cells, entering formulas, creating and editing charts, inserting graphs, designing database forms, adding database records, using seek-and-find options, printing, adding hyperlinks to worksheets,

Wiger, Donald E. - The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer, ebook

The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer

Wiger, Donald E.


Records must be kept for managed care reimbursement; for accreditation agencies; for protection in the event of lawsuits; to meet federal HIPAA regulations; and to help streamline patient care in larger group practices, inpatient

Eisenberg, Ronni - Organize Yourself, ebook

Organize Yourself

Eisenberg, Ronni


From preparing for a move to planning a vacation, from keeping an effective calendar to preserving your personal time, Organize Yourself! gives you simple strategies for streamlining your daily life that work. You'll discover how to: Save time and space Handle paperwork