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Kane, Tom - Strategy: Key Thinkers, ebook

Strategy: Key Thinkers

Kane, Tom

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Over twenty two centuries ago, the Greek general Pyrrhus questioned the real gains of military victory. Today we might reflect on the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in much the same way. War is not only cruel but capricious; its outcomes are often bitter and frustrating, even for the winning side.
Strategy: Key Thinkers

Grundy, Tony - Gurus on Business Strategy, ebook

Gurus on Business Strategy

Grundy, Tony


A one-stop guide to the world's most important writers on business strategy Here is a one-stop guide to the world's most important thinkers and writers on business strategy. It expertly summarises all the key strategic concepts and describes the work

Gray, Colin S. - The Future of Strategy, ebook

The Future of Strategy

Gray, Colin S.


Strategy is not a modern invention.  It is an essential and enduring feature of human history that is here to stay.  In this original essay, Colin S. Gray, world-renowned scholar of strategic thought, discusses the meaning of strategy and its importance

Caballero, Pablo - Strategy is Digital, ebook

Strategy is Digital

Caballero, Pablo


From Digital Strategy to Strategy Is Digital
Carlos Cordon, Pau Garcia-Milà, Teresa Ferreiro Vilarino, Pablo Caballero
3. Serialization in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Carlos Cordon, Pau Garcia-Milà, Teresa Ferreiro

Carlopio, James - Strategy by Design, ebook

Strategy by Design

Carlopio, James


Table of contents
1. Strategy by Design: A Process of Strategy Innovation
James Carlopio
2. The Brief: Begin with the End in Mind
James Carlopio
3. Research: The Art of Seeing the Different Way
James Carlopio
4. Concept Generation: The Art (and Science) of Generating Different Views
James Carlopio