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DeFranco, Agnes L. - Hospitality Financial Management, ebook

Hospitality Financial Management

DeFranco, Agnes L.


Real-world advice for quick retention of the most important business concepts and skills of hospitality finance
Hospitality Financial Management provides a straightforward, practical approach to help the hospitality manager effectively analyze

Camillo, Angelo A. - Global Enterprise Management, ebook

Global Enterprise Management

Camillo, Angelo A.


Table of contents
1. The Firm’s Global Strategies and the Effect of Group Knowledge Environmental Variables on the Decision-Making Process
Angelo A. Camillo, Francesca Virgilio, Loredana Pietro
2. International and Comparative Human Resource Management
Andreas Kornelakis, Horen Voskeritsian
3. Physical and

Vigolo, Vania - Older Tourist Behavior and Marketing Tools, ebook

Older Tourist Behavior and Marketing Tools

Vigolo, Vania


Table of contents
Part I. Defining the Older Tourist Market
1. Population Aging: Challenges and Opportunities for the Tourism Industry
Vania Vigolo
2. Segmentation Approaches to Older Tourists
Vania Vigolo
Part II. Older Tourist Behavior: The Demand-Side Perspective
3. Older Tourists’ Travel Planning

Egger, Roman - Open Tourism, ebook

Open Tourism

Egger, Roman


Open Innovation: A Chance for the Innovation Management of Tourism Destinations?
Birgit Pikkemaat, Mike Peters
12. Managing Open Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Sabine Brunswicker
Part II. Case Studies: Information Level