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Mansfield, Katherine - The Stranger, ebook

The Stranger

Mansfield, Katherine


Katherine Mansfield The Stranger This story by Katherine Mansfield, is set in Auckland, where Mr. Hammond is waiting for his wife, returning from Europe. After talking to other people waiting at the port, his wife arrives but she lingers, raising the question of whether her husband was ill

Collins, Wilkie - Miss Morris and the Stranger, ebook

Miss Morris and the Stranger

Collins, Wilkie


Miss Morris is the main character in Wilkie Collins’ Miss Morris and the Stranger. She was the daughter of a sandwiches seller but when she is fourteen years old she becomes orphan. She studies and becomes governess with the help of a benefactor. One day she meets a handsome and shy

Chesterton, Gilbert K. - The Strange Crime of John Boulnois, ebook

The Strange Crime of John Boulnois

Chesterton, Gilbert K.


The strange crime of John Boulnois by Gilbert Keith Chesterton tells of an American journalist who witnesses the death of Claude Champion, pierced by a sword, who died while performing Romeo and Juliet. The man, before dying, pronounces the name of Boulnois, and tries to explain the latter's

Strange, Gerard - Towards a New Political Economy of Development, ebook

Towards a New Political Economy of Development

Strange, Gerard


The Tensions, Contradictions and Possibilities of the Liberal Neodevelopmentalist Model
Gerard Strange
Part IV. The European Union and the Eurozone: A Developmental Outlier in Crisis and Reform
9. The Political Economy of ‘Maastricht EMU’: Depoliticisation

Griffin, Hedley - Stranger Dangers, ebook

Stranger Dangers

Griffin, Hedley


They are approached several times during the day by a strange man and woman. That night, they dress up and go out knocking on people's doors, when Harey is finally kidnapped by the two strangers, but rescued in the end. 32 pages, full colour, no stickers.

McCarthy, Maria C. - Strange Fruits, ebook

Strange Fruits

McCarthy, Maria C.


strange fruits is a poetry collection by Kent writer, Maria C. McCarthy. Maria is a poet of remarkable skill, whose work offers surprising glimpses into our 21st-century lives - the `strange fruits' of our civilisation or lack of it. Shot through with

Mansfield, Katherine - The Stranger, ebook

The Stranger

Mansfield, Katherine


The Stranger is a story by Katherine Mansfield, who is widely recognized as a master of the short story format. Born in New Zealand, Mansfield moved to Europe at the age of 19 and lived both in the UK and France. Mansfield was active in modernist literary circles and friends with both DH