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Howlett, Robert J. - Smart Education and e-Learning 2016, ebook

Smart Education and e-Learning 2016

Howlett, Robert J.


Design and Application of MOOC “Methods and Algorithms of Graph Theory” on National Platform of Open Education of Russian Federation
Lyubov Lisitsyna, Eugeniy Efimchik
14. A Framework for Human Learning Ability Study Using Simultaneous EEG/fNIRS and Portable

Rebelo, Francisco - Advances in Ergonomics in Design, ebook

Advances in Ergonomics in Design

Rebelo, Francisco


Evaluation of Macroergonomic Methods for the Application of Organization Analyzes in Startups
Luiza Debastiani Silva, Elton Moura Nickel, Flávio Anthero Nunes Vianna Santos
34. Design Strategies for Inclusive Environments
Miguel Aboim Borges, Fernando