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Huang, Ling - Green City Planning and Practices in Asian Cities, ebook

Green City Planning and Practices in Asian Cities

Huang, Ling


Creation of Green Culture and Values in the Hanul Madang Rooftop Garden at Seoul National University
Yong-hoon Son
Part III. Green Building Practice and Innovation
12. Winter Wind Environmental Comfort in Courtyards in Vernacular Architecture: A Case Study

Friedrichsen, Mike - Handbook of Social Media Management, ebook

Handbook of Social Media Management

Friedrichsen, Mike


New Venture Creation in Social Media Platform; Towards a Framework for Media Entrepreneurship
Datis Khajeheian
9. New Marketing Communication in Social Media Business
Wolfgang Mühl-Benninghaus
10. Social Networks as Marketing Tools for Media Companies

Bennett, Martin - Sustainability Accounting and Reporting, ebook

Sustainability Accounting and Reporting

Bennett, Martin


Achieving Environmental-Economic Sustainability through Corporate Environmental Strategies. Empirical Evidence on Environmental Shareholder Value
Marcus Wagner
9. The Impact of Carbon Constraints on Competitiveness and Value

Kavoura, Androniki - Strategic Innovative Marketing, ebook

Strategic Innovative Marketing

Kavoura, Androniki


IMC Strategies of Festivals in Destination Branding
Gökçe özdemir, Duygu Türkmenoğlu
17. Tourism Innovation: Theoretical and Empirical Review
Ruben Molina, Melissa Ochoa, Jorge Victor Alcaraz
18. The Communication Role of the ‘Imagined Communities’