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Clark, Alexander - Linguistic Nativism and the Poverty of the Stimulus, ebook

Linguistic Nativism and the Poverty of the Stimulus

Clark, Alexander


This unique contribution to the ongoing discussion of language acquisition considers the Argument from the Poverty of the Stimulus in language learning in the context of the wider debate over cognitive, computational, and linguistic issues. Critically examines the

Fraccaroli, Nicolò - Austerity vs Stimulus, ebook

Austerity vs Stimulus

Fraccaroli, Nicolò


A Stimulus Policy for the UK
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli
Part V. What’s Next?
20. The Economics of Debt
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli
21. George Osborne’s Economics: Austerity in the UK
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli

Heim, John J. - Crowding Out Fiscal Stimulus, ebook

Crowding Out Fiscal Stimulus

Heim, John J.


Effects of Stimulus Programs on GDP, Net of Crowd Out Effects
John J. Heim
11. Dynamic Effects
John J. Heim
12. Alternatives to Financing Stimulus Programs with Domestic Borrowing
John J. Heim
13. A Note

Hashizume, Mineo - Stimuli-Responsive Interfaces, ebook

Stimuli-Responsive Interfaces

Hashizume, Mineo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Takeshi Kawai, Mineo Hashizume
2. Photo-Induced Demulsification
Yutaka Takahashi, Yukishige Kondo
3. Stimuli-Responsible Viscoelastic Surfactant Solutions
Hideki Sakai, Koji Tsuchiya, Kenichi Sakai
4. Stimuli-Responsive Charge-Free Reverse Micelles in Non-Aqueous Media

Urban, Marek W. - Handbook of Stimuli-Responsive Materials, ebook

Handbook of Stimuli-Responsive Materials

Urban, Marek W.


The Handbook on Stimuli-Responsive Materials is providing the scientific community with the comprehensive developments of scientific findings and advanced technologies - all necessary factors to propel the development of polymeric, ceramic, metallic, composite, bio and the combination of

Thellier, Michel - Plant Responses to Environmental Stimuli, ebook

Plant Responses to Environmental Stimuli

Thellier, Michel


Table of contents
1. Me, a Plant
Michel Thellier
2. Plant Sensitivity to Stimuli
Michel Thellier
3. Discovery of the Existence of Memory in Bidens Seedlings
Michel Thellier
4. More About the Storage/Recall Form of Plant Memory