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Aral, Sevgi O. - The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention, ebook

The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention

Aral, Sevgi O.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sevgi O. Aral, Kevin A. Fenton, Judith A. Lipshutz
2. Social Determinants of Sexual Networks, Partnership Formation, and Sexually Transmitted Infections
Adaora A. Adimora, Victor J. Schoenbach
3. Epidemiology of STI and HIV: An Overview of Concentration and Geographical and

Poston, Dudley L. - Gender Policy and HIV in China, ebook

Gender Policy and HIV in China

Poston, Dudley L.


HIV/STD Risk in China for Males and Females
6. Gender, Migration, and Unprotected Causal and~Commercial Sex: Individual and Social Determinants of HIV and STD Risk Among~Female Migrants
Xiushi Yang, Guomei Xia
7. Heterosexual

Hemmelskamp, Jens - Towards Environmental Innovation Systems, ebook

Towards Environmental Innovation Systems

Hemmelskamp, Jens


Back-Casting for Environmental Sustainability: From STD and SusHouse towards Implementation
Philip J. Vergragt
18. Towards Environmental Innovation — A Policy Synthesis
Ken Green

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Cai, Tommaso - Prostatitis and Its Management, ebook

Prostatitis and Its Management

Cai, Tommaso


The Role of STD Pathogens in Bacterial Prostatitis
Tommaso Cai, Daniele Tiscione
12. Andrologic Sequelae in Prostatitis Patients
Jamil Syed, Vladimir Mouraviev
13. The Role of Chronic Prostatitis in Male Infertility: Is There a Relationship?