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Dowdy, Shirley - Statistics for Research, ebook

Statistics for Research

Dowdy, Shirley


Praise for the Second Edition
"Statistics for Research has other fine qualities besides superior organization. The examples and the statistical methods are laid out with unusual clarity by the simple device of using special formats for each. The book was written with great care and is

Hahn, Gerald J. - The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry, ebook

The Role of Statistics in Business and Industry

Hahn, Gerald J.


An insightful guide to the use of statistics for solving key problems in modern-day business and industry
This book has been awarded the Technometrics Ziegel Prize for the best book reviewed by the journal in 2010. Technometrics is a journal of statistics

Barnett, Vic - Environmental Statistics: Methods and Applications, ebook

Environmental Statistics: Methods and Applications

Barnett, Vic


In modern society, we are ever more aware of the environmental issues we face, whether these relate to global warming, depletion of rivers and oceans, despoliation of forests, pollution of land, poor air quality, environmental health issues, etc. At the most fundamental level it is necessary

Erto, Pasquale - Statistics for Innovation, ebook

Statistics for Innovation

Erto, Pasquale


Continuous Innovation of the Quality Control of Remote Sensing Data for Territory Management
Elisabetta Carfagna, Johnny Marzialetti
9. An Innovative Online Diagnostic Tool for a Distributed Spatial Coordinate Measuring System
Fiorenzo Franceschini, Maurizio

McClure, John - Statistics  for Microarrays: Design, Analysis and Inference, ebook

Statistics for Microarrays: Design, Analysis and Inference

McClure, John


Statistics for Microarrays: Design, Analysis and Inference is the first book that presents a coherent and systematic overview of statistical methods in all stages in the process of analysing microarray data – from getting good data to obtaining meaningful results. Provides

Almagro, Lluis Marco - Industrial Statistics with Minitab, ebook

Industrial Statistics with Minitab

Almagro, Lluis Marco

From 86,80€

Industrial Statistics with MINITAB demonstrates the use of MINITAB as a tool for performing statistical analysis in an industrial context. This book covers introductory industrial statistics, exploring the most commonly used techniques alongside those

Jawlik, Andrew A. - Statistics from A to Z: Confusing Concepts Clarified, ebook

Statistics from A to Z: Confusing Concepts Clarified

Jawlik, Andrew A.


 Statistics is confusing, even for smart, technically competent people. And many students and professionals find that existing books and web resources don’t give them an intuitive understanding of confusing statistical concepts. That is why this book is needed. Some of the unique