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Crawley, Michael J. - Statistics: An Introduction Using R, ebook

Statistics: An Introduction Using R

Crawley, Michael J.


"...I know of no better book of its kind..." (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Vol 169 (1), January 2006)
A revised and updated edition of this bestselling introductory textbook to statistical analysis using the leading free software package…

Brown, Byron Wm. - Statistics: A Biomedical Introduction, ebook

Statistics: A Biomedical Introduction

Brown, Byron Wm.


The Wiley Classics Library consists of selected books that have become recognized classics in their respective fields. With these new unabridged and inexpensive editions, Wiley hopes to extend the life of these important works by making them available to future generations of mathematicians and scientists.


Doganaksoy, Necip - A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers, ebook

A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers

Doganaksoy, Necip

From 48,90€

A valuable guide to a successful career as a statistician
A Career in Statistics: Beyond the Numbers prepares readers for careers in statistics by emphasizing essential concepts and practices beyond the technical tools provided in standard courses

Dowdy, Shirley - Statistics for Research, ebook

Statistics for Research

Dowdy, Shirley


"—The UMAP Journal
Although the goals and procedures of statistical research have changed little since the Second Edition of Statistics for Research was published, the almost universal availability of personal computers and statistical computing application

Perera, Rafael - Statistics Toolkit, ebook

Statistics Toolkit

Perera, Rafael


Following the successful format of the Toolkit series, Statistics Toolkit guides the reader through statistical concepts using flowcharts, diagrams and real life examples to reflect concepts in a simple and practical manner.
Sections include:
Clear explanation

Huber, Peter J. - Robust Statistics, ebook

Robust Statistics

Huber, Peter J.

From 140,15€

A new edition of the classic, groundbreaking book on robust statistics
Over twenty-five years after the publication of its predecessor, Robust Statistics, Second Edition continues to provide an authoritative and systematic treatment of the topic. This new edition has been thoroughly