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Ge, Zhiqiang - Multivariate Statistical Process Control, ebook

Multivariate Statistical Process Control

Ge, Zhiqiang


Nonlinear Process Monitoring: Part 1
Zhiqiang Ge, Zhihuan Song
6. Nonlinear Process Monitoring: Part 2
Zhiqiang Ge, Zhihuan Song
7. Time-Varying Process Monitoring
Zhiqiang Ge, Zhihuan Song
8. Multimode

Box, George E. P. - Statistical Control by Monitoring and Adjustment, ebook

Statistical Control by Monitoring and Adjustment

Box, George E. P.


is a significant addition to the literature on statistical practice . . . should be of considerable interest to those interested in these topics."—International Journal of Forecasting
Recent research has shown that monitoring techniques alone are inadequate

Lenz, Hans-Joachim - Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 8, ebook

Frontiers in Statistical Quality Control 8

Lenz, Hans-Joachim


CUSUM Control Schemes for Multivariate Time Series
Olha Bodnar, Wolfgang Schmid
5. The Art of Evaluating Monitoring Schemes — How to Measure the Performance of Control Charts?
Sven Knoth
6. Misleading Signals in Joint Schemes for μ and σ