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Chen, Ding-Geng (Din) - Statistical Modeling for Degradation Data, ebook

Statistical Modeling for Degradation Data

Chen, Ding-Geng (Din)


Degradation Modeling, Analysis, and Applications on Lifetime Prediction
Lirong Hu, Lingjiang Li, Qingpei Hu
4. On Some Shock Models with Poisson and Generalized Poisson Shock Processes
Ji Hwan Cha, Maxim Finkelstein
5. Degradation-Based Reliability

Vidakovic, Brani - Statistical Modeling by Wavelets, ebook

Statistical Modeling by Wavelets

Vidakovic, Brani


What are wavelets? What makes them increasingly indispensable in statistical nonparametrics? Why are they suitable for "time-scale" applications? How are they used to solve such problems as denoising, regression, or density estimation? Where can one find up-to-date

Minguez, Roberto - Advances in Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, ebook

Advances in Mathematical and Statistical Modeling

Minguez, Roberto


Table of contents
1. Distribution Theory and Applications
2. Enrique Castillo’s Contributions to Conditional Specification
Barry C. Arnold
3. The Polygonal Distribution
Dimitris Karlis, Evdokia Xekalaki
4. Conditionally Specified Models: New Developments and Applications
José María Sarabia, María

Evans, Merran - Statistical Distributions, ebook

Statistical Distributions

Evans, Merran

From 90,15€

A new edition of the trusted guide on commonly used statistical distributions
Fully updated to reflect the latest developments on the topic, Statistical Distributions, Fourth Edition continues to serve as an authoritative guide on the application

Rissanen, Jorma - Information and Complexity in Statistical Modeling, ebook

Information and Complexity in Statistical Modeling

Rissanen, Jorma


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Part I. Information and Coding
2. Shannon-Wiener Information
3. Coding of Random Processes
Part II. Statistical Modeling
4. Kolmogorov Complexity
5. Stochastic Complexity
6. Structure Function
7. Optimally Distinguishable Models
8. The MDL Principle
9. Applications

Schmuller, Joseph - Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies, ebook

Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies

Schmuller, Joseph


But now, thanks to Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies, you have access to a trusted, easy-to-follow guide that focuses on the foundational statistical concepts that R addresses—as well as step-by-step guidance that shows