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Glyn-Jones, Anne - Morse Code Wrens of Station X, ebook

Morse Code Wrens of Station X

Glyn-Jones, Anne


Leaving her girls' boarding school with romantic ideas about joining the navy as a Wren, Anne had no idea that she would be working for the mysterious 'Station X', which we now know to be Bletchley Park. Round the clock shifts, bed bugs, rats and poor diet took its

Harland, David M - The Story of Space Station Mir, ebook

The Story of Space Station Mir

Harland, David M


Table of contents
1. Getting started
2. Routine operations
3. A step towards continuous occupancy
4. A base block for modular construction
5. An astrophysical laboratory
6. A microgravity laboratory for hire
7. Expansion or abandonment?

Catchpole, John E. - The International Space Station, ebook

The International Space Station

Catchpole, John E.


Table of contents
1. Early construction
2. The ISS Management and Cost Evaluation Task Force
3. Commencing the Integrated Truss Structure
4. Triumph and tragedy
5. Recovery and restructuring
6. Project Constellation
7. Postscript

Santos, Cecília MacDowell - Women’s Police Stations, ebook

Women’s Police Stations

Santos, Cecília MacDowell


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cecília MacDowell Santos
2. The Birth of the World’s First Women’s Police Station
Cecília MacDowell Santos
3. Engendering Policewomen’s Interests and Identities
Cecília MacDowell Santos

Walker, Craig - The On The Buses Quiz Book, ebook

The On The Buses Quiz Book

Walker, Craig


Are you a fan of On The Buses? Can you recall the many memorable characters who helped to turn the series into one of the best-loved British sitcoms of all time? Do you miss the uncensored humour and risqué scripts of television past? If so, The On The…