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Feinleib, David - Why Startups Fail, ebook

Why Startups Fail

Feinleib, David


Table of contents
Part I. Market, Product, and Entrepreneur
1. Poor Product-Market Fit
David Feinleib
2. Bad Products
David Feinleib
3. The Missing Entrepreneur
David Feinleib
Part II. Sales and Marketing
4. Investing in Sales and Marketing Too Early
David Feinleib
5. Losing Money on

Neiss, Sherwood - Crowdfund Investing For Dummies, ebook

Crowdfund Investing For Dummies

Neiss, Sherwood


The easy way to get started in crowdfund investing
Crowdfund investing (CFI) is going to be the next big thing on Wall Street.  U.S. investment banks, brokerage houses, and law firms are gearing up for the creation and regulation of new financial products that will be available to

Gentry, Dave - Small Stocks, Big Money: Interviews With Microcap Superstars, ebook

Small Stocks, Big Money: Interviews With Microcap Superstars

Gentry, Dave


Small companies come with big risk, but potentially life-changing reward
Small Stocks, Big Money provides first-hand perspective and insider information on the fast world of microcap investing. In a series of interviews with the superstars of small stocks, you'll learn how to discover

Haislip, Alexander - Essentials of Venture Capital, ebook

Essentials of Venture Capital

Haislip, Alexander

From 37,60€

Learn how venture capital firms are organized and managed Develop techniques for fundraising and making high-growth investments Understand preferred stock provisions and startup valuation methods Navigate recent regulatory changes and evaluate investment returns