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Dixon, Tim - Green Roof Retrofit: Building Urban Resilience, ebook

Green Roof Retrofit: Building Urban Resilience

Dixon, Tim


Green Roof Retrofit: building urban resilience illustrates the processes undertaken to develop this new knowledge and thereby embed a deeper level of understanding in readers.Illustrative case studies and exemplars are drawn from countries outside of the core researched

Gray, Tim S. - Participation in Fisheries Governance, ebook

Participation in Fisheries Governance

Gray, Tim S.


Engaging Stakeholder Preferences Through Deliberative Democracy in North Sea Fisheries Governance
Jenny Hatchard
4. The Role of Partnerships in the Governance of Fisheries Within the European Union
Tony Hawkins
5. Regionalisation of Fisheries Governance:

Richards, Jeremy - Mining, Society, and a Sustainable World, ebook

Mining, Society, and a Sustainable World

Richards, Jeremy


Applications of Stakeholder Engagement and Eco-Efficiency as Enablers of Corporate Responsibility in the Australian Mining and Minerals Processing Industry
Turlough F. Guerin
13. Socio-Economic Impacts of the Nanisivik