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Sobaca - Jump Into Audition, ebook

Jump Into Audition



This book uncovers the true procedures and expectations behind auditions, so you will know exactly what to expect before you set foot on the stage. Quite simply, if you want to SUCCEED, make sure you don’t attend another audition before reading this book. Including

McCutcheon, Jade Rosina - Embodied Consciousness, ebook

Embodied Consciousness

McCutcheon, Jade Rosina


When Consciousness Fragments: A Personal Encounter with Stage Fright in Performance
Bella Merlin
Part II. Eastern Influences on Western Performance Training Technologies
6. Motion in Stillness — Stillness in Motion:

Chambers, Claire Maria - Performing Religion in Public, ebook

Performing Religion in Public

Chambers, Claire Maria


Church on/as Stage: Stewart Headlam’s Rhetorical Theology
Tom Grimwood, Peter Yeandle
6. The Intolerable, Intimate Public of Contemporary American Street Preaching
Joshua Edelman
7. Faith, Fright, and Excessive