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Brandon, Thomas L. - Soil Strength and Slope Stability, ebook

Soil Strength and Slope Stability

Brandon, Thomas L.


The definitive guide to the critical issue of slope stability and safety
Soil Strength and Slope Stability, Second Edition presents the latest thinking and techniques in the assessment of natural and man-made slopes, and the factors that cause them to survive or crumble. Using clear,

Ma, Jing - Power System Wide-area Stability Analysis and Control, ebook

Power System Wide-area Stability Analysis and Control

Ma, Jing


An essential guide to the stability and control of power systems integrating large-scale renewable energy sources
The rapid development of smart grids and the integration of large scale renewable energy have added daunting new layers of complexity to the long-standing problem of power

Amato, Francesco - Finite-Time Stability: An Input-Output Approach, ebook

Finite-Time Stability: An Input-Output Approach

Amato, Francesco


Systematically presents the input-output finite-time stability (IO-FTS) analysis of dynamical systems, covering issues of analysis, design and robustness
The interest in finite-time control has continuously grown in the last fifteen years. This book systematically presents the input-output

Salvadori, L. - Stability Problems, ebook

Stability Problems

Salvadori, L.


On a Definition of Total Stability for Continuous or Discrete Dynamical Systems
P. Negrini
5. Théorie de la stabilité dans les équations difféerentielles ordinaires
N. Rouche
6. Stability And Differential Games
Emilio O. Roxin

Gorban, Igor I. - The Statistical Stability Phenomenon, ebook

The Statistical Stability Phenomenon

Gorban, Igor I.


The Phenomenon of Statistical Stability and Its Properties
Igor I. Gorban
2. Determinism and Uncertainty
Igor I. Gorban
3. Formalization of the Statistical Stability Concept
Igor I. Gorban
4. Dependence of the Statistical Stability

Olsson, Jan - Subversion in Institutional Change and Stability, ebook

Subversion in Institutional Change and Stability

Olsson, Jan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jan Olsson
2. Agency in New Institutionalism
Jan Olsson
3. Subversive Action
Jan Olsson
4. Subversive Action in Context
Jan Olsson
5. Stability, Change, and Subversive Action
Jan Olsson
6. Conclusions and Reflections
Jan Olsson