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Hadley, Bree - Disability, Public Space Performance and Spectatorship, ebook

Disability, Public Space Performance and Spectatorship

Hadley, Bree


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Disability, Performance and the Public Sphere
Bree Hadley
2. Weebles, Mirages and Living Mirrors: The Ethics of Embarrassed Laughter
Bree Hadley
3. Drug Deals, Samaritans and Suicides: Bodies on the Brink of the Visible
Bree Hadley
4. ‘That you would post such a

Westgeest, Helen - Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach, ebook

Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach

Westgeest, Helen


Video Art Theory: A Comparative Approach demonstrates how video art functions on the basis of a comparative media approach, providing a crucial understanding of video as a medium in contemporary art and of the visual mediations we encounter in daily life.

Goldsmith, Leo - Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics, ebook

Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics

Goldsmith, Leo


Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics offers an exciting conversational journey through the overlying terrains of politically engaged art and artistically engaged politics. At once scholarly and entertaining, the book combines a major statement…

Fitzgerald, Sandey - Spectators in the Field of Politics, ebook

Spectators in the Field of Politics

Fitzgerald, Sandey


Table of contents
1. Locating Political Spectators
Sandey Fitzgerald
2. Seeing through Metaphor
Sandey Fitzgerald
3. Clearing the Ground
Sandey Fitzgerald
4. Spectatorship and the Theater/Drama Metaphor
Sandey Fitzgerald
5. Theater as a Model for Politics
Sandey Fitzgerald
6. Politics

Walker, Stephen - The Fair-Line and the Good Frontage, ebook

The Fair-Line and the Good Frontage

Walker, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Intro: Bostock and the Good Frontage
Stephen Walker
2. The Fair-Line
Stephen Walker
3. Surface Effect
Stephen Walker
4. From Canvas to Carving, Ornament and Supplement
Stephen Walker
5. Truth to Trompe, Theatre, Spectacle and Illusion
Stephen Walker
6. Spectatorship:

Banaji, Shakuntala - Reading ‘Bollywood’, ebook

Reading ‘Bollywood’

Banaji, Shakuntala


Politics and Spectatorship 1: Viewing Love, Religion and Violence
Shakuntala Banaji
8. Politics and Spectatorship 2: Young Men Viewing Terrorism and State Violence
Shakuntala Banaji
9. Conclusion: The Tricky Politics