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Fane-Hervey, Angus - The Governance of Climate Change, ebook

The Governance of Climate Change

Fane-Hervey, Angus


Climate change poses one of the greatest challenges for human society in the twenty-first century, yet there is a major disconnect between our actions to deal with it and the gravity of the threat it implies. In a world where the fate of countries is increasingly intertwined, how should

Arbia, Giuseppe - Spatial Econometric Interaction Modelling, ebook

Spatial Econometric Interaction Modelling

Arbia, Giuseppe


Constrained Variants of the Gravity Model and Spatial Dependence: Model Specification and Estimation Issues
Daniel A. Griffith, Manfred M. Fischer
4. Testing Spatial Autocorrelation in Weighted Networks: The Modes Permutation Test
François Bavaud

Mitze, Timo - Empirical Modelling in Regional Science, ebook

Empirical Modelling in Regional Science

Mitze, Timo


Testing the Neoclassical Migration Model: Overall and Age-Group Specific Results for German Regions
Timo Mitze
4. Space–Time Dependence in Internal Migration Flows: Evidence for Germany since Re-unification
Timo Mitze
5. Trade-FDI Linkages in a Simultaneous

Laidlaw, David - Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields, ebook

Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields

Laidlaw, David


Structure-Specific Statistical Mapping of White Matter Tracts
Paul A. Yushkevich, Hui Zhang, Tony J. Simon, James C. Gee
6. Analysis of Distance/Similarity Measures for Diffusion Tensor Imaging
T. H. J. M. Peeters, P. R. Rodrigues, A. Vilanova, B. M. Haar