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O'Sullivan, David - Geographic Information Analysis, ebook

Geographic Information Analysis

O'Sullivan, David


Geographic Information Analysis provides up-to-date coverage of the foundations of spatial data analysis through visualization and maps. This book covers key spatial concepts, including point pattern, line objects and networks, area objects, and continuous

Monaco, André - Ocean in the Earth System, ebook

Ocean in the Earth System

Monaco, André


Complexity of the ocean system has, at different spatial and temporal scales, hydrodynamic mechanisms of these exchanges and dynamics of elements and compounds, they are involved in biogeochemical cycles or used as tracers.
By its pedagogical approach, it defines

Sasic, Slobodan - Raman, Infrared, and Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging, ebook

Raman, Infrared, and Near-Infrared Chemical Imaging

Sasic, Slobodan


An all-inclusive guide on the analytical methods of Raman, infrared, and near-infrared chemical imaging
An underutilized technology, chemical imaging through Raman, infrared (IR), and near-infrared (NIR) is beginning to gain recognition for its non-destructive method of permitting