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Kennell, Nigel M. - Spartans: A New History, ebook

Spartans: A New History

Kennell, Nigel M.


Spartans: A New History chronicles the complete history of ancient Sparta from its origins to the end of antiquity.Helps bridge the gap between the common conceptions of Sparta and what specialists believe and dispute about Spartan historyApplies new techniques, perspectives, and archaeological

Lang, Andrew - The Iliad by Homer, ebook

The Iliad by Homer

Lang, Andrew


One of the more famous English versions of Homer's Iliad, Andrew Lang collaborated with Ernest Myers and Walter Leaf for this prose translation. It is well known for its charming archaic style. The Iliad is an epic ancient Greek poem set during the Trojan…

Carroll, Mitchell - Greek Women, ebook

Greek Women

Carroll, Mitchell


The first volume of the ‘Women in All Ages and in All Countries’ series, looking at women in ancient Greek history and mythology.