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Powell, Anton - A Companion to Sparta, ebook

A Companion to Sparta

Powell, Anton


The two-volume A Companion to Sparta presents the first comprehensive, multi-authored series of essays to address all aspects of Spartan history and society from its origins in the Greek Dark Ages to the late Roman Empire.
Offers a lucid, comprehensive introduction to all aspects

Tritle, Lawrence A. - A New History of the Peloponnesian War, ebook

A New History of the Peloponnesian War

Tritle, Lawrence A.


This stimulating new study provides a narrative of the monumental conflict of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta, and examines the realities of the war and its effects on the average Athenian. A penetrating new study of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta

Kennell, Nigel M. - Spartans: A New History, ebook

Spartans: A New History

Kennell, Nigel M.


Spartans: A New History chronicles the complete history of ancient Sparta from its origins to the end of antiquity.Helps bridge the gap between the common conceptions of Sparta and what specialists believe and dispute about Spartan historyApplies new

Carroll, Mitchell - Greek Women, ebook

Greek Women

Carroll, Mitchell


The first volume of the ‘Women in All Ages and in All Countries’ series, looking at women in ancient Greek history and mythology.

Parker, Victor - A History of Greece: 1300 to 30 BC, ebook

A History of Greece: 1300 to 30 BC

Parker, Victor

From 33,55€

A History of Greece: 1300?30 BC, offers a comprehensive introduction to the foundational political history of Greece, from the late Mycenaean Age through to the death of Cleopatra VII, the last Hellenistic monarch of Egypt. Introduces textual and archaeological…

Guerber, H A - The Story of the Greeks, ebook

The Story of the Greeks

Guerber, H A


Beginning with Greek myth and legend, the author moves through major figures, the Trojan war, the city-states of of Sparta and Athens, the Persian War, the adventures of Alexander the Great and more, before ending with Greece's absorption into the Roman Empire. This