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Prokhovnik, Raia - Sovereignty, ebook


Prokhovnik, Raia


This innovative research monograph on sovereignty argues that the historical examination of the concept and the conceptual analysis of sovereignty are interdependent. The book engages with and makes a significant contribution to the literatures on

Jackson, Robert - Sovereignty: The Evolution of an Idea, ebook

Sovereignty: The Evolution of an Idea

Jackson, Robert


Sovereignty is at the very centre of the political and legal arrangements of the modern world. The idea originated in the controversies and wars, both religious and political, of 16th and 17th century Europe and since that time it has continued to spread and evolve. Today sovereignty

Kurtulus, Ersun N. - State Sovereignty, ebook

State Sovereignty

Kurtulus, Ersun N.


Referents of Sovereignty or Discourses of Sovereignty: Referent as Discourse and Discourse as Referent
Ersun N. Kurtulus
3. Theories of Sovereignty: Reclaiming the Domain of Empirical

Moses, Jeremy - Sovereignty and Responsibility, ebook

Sovereignty and Responsibility

Moses, Jeremy


The Politics of Sovereignty as Responsibility: The Case of Libya
Jeremy Moses
6. Sovereignty, Intervention and Contemporary International Law
Jeremy Moses
7. Beyond Sovereignty? Cosmopolitanism and Realist Thought

Prokhovnik, Raia - Sovereignties, ebook


Prokhovnik, Raia


Introduction The Meaning of Sovereignty: The Politics and Ownership of the Concept
Raia Prokhovnik
Part I. Contemporary Theory
2. From Internal/External to Post-States and Other Actors: Political Theory, International Relations, and International Relations

Grant, Kevin - Beyond sovereignty, ebook

Beyond sovereignty

Grant, Kevin


Beyond sovereignty?: Protestant missions, empire and transnationalism, 1890–1950
John Stuart
7. A shadow nation: The making of Muslim India
Faisal Devji
8. ‘A well selected body of men’: Sikh recruitment for colonial police and military

Adler-Nissen, Rebecca - Sovereignty Games, ebook

Sovereignty Games

Adler-Nissen, Rebecca


Playing with Sovereignty: Examples from the Theory and Practice of International Law
Ole Spiermann
Part II. Vertical Sovereignty Games
5. Play Money? Contemporary Perspectives on Monetary Sovereignty
Christoph W. Herrmann
6. Organized Duplicity?

Howland, Douglas - Art and Sovereignty in Global Politics, ebook

Art and Sovereignty in Global Politics

Howland, Douglas


Space and Sovereignty: A Reverse Perspective
Antonio Cerella
3. The International Movement to Protect Literary and Artistic Property
Douglas Howland
4. Dongbei, Manchukuo, Manchuria: Territory, Artifacts, and the Multiple Bodies of Sovereignty

Howland, Douglas - International Law and Japanese Sovereignty, ebook

International Law and Japanese Sovereignty

Howland, Douglas


Territorial Sovereignty and Extraterritorial Privilege
Douglas Howland
4. The Alternative Order of International Administration
Douglas Howland
5. Mastering the International Laws of War
Douglas Howland
6. Japan Among the Great Powers