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Albrecht, Eduardo Zachary - Alter-globalization in Southern Europe, ebook

Alter-globalization in Southern Europe

Albrecht, Eduardo Zachary


Table of contents
1. Protest and Power
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
2. Alter-globalization in Southern Europe
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
3. Lifestyle Stereotypes
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
4. Music and Politics, a Utopian Narrative
Eduardo Zachary Albrecht
5. A Ternary Model of Political Resistance:

Ambrosini, Maurizio - Irregular Immigration in Southern Europe, ebook

Irregular Immigration in Southern Europe

Ambrosini, Maurizio


Convergences and Divergences: Southern European Policies on Irregular Immigration
Maurizio Ambrosini
4. Becoming a Borderland: The “Refugee Crisis” in Italy and Beyond
Maurizio Ambrosini
5. Conclusion: The “Battleground” of Migration Governance

Allen, Judith - Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe, ebook

Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe

Allen, Judith


However, much of this analysis is rooted without question in the welfare states of northern Europe – there has been almost no research published in English on the provision of housing in southern Europe.

Bonetto, Cristian - Lonely Planet Southern Italy, ebook

Lonely Planet Southern Italy

Bonetto, Cristian


Lonely Planet: The world’s leading travel guide publisher
Lonely Planet Southern Italy is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Go island-hopping across the stunning Aeolian Islands, explore the fabled

Clara, Fernando - Nazi Germany and Southern Europe, 1933–45, ebook

Nazi Germany and Southern Europe, 1933–45

Clara, Fernando


‘The “invisible” export of thought’: German Science and Southern Europe, 1933–45
Fernando Clara
2. Beyond Germanness? Music’s History as ‘Entangled History’ in German Musicology from the End of the Nineteenth

Brennan, Louis - The Emergence of Southern Multinationals, ebook

The Emergence of Southern Multinationals

Brennan, Louis


Introducing Southern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe
Louis Brennan
Part II. Quantifying the Emergence of Southern Multinationals
2. The Rise of TNCs from the South
Hafiz Mirza, Axèle Giroud, Hwee Wee
3. Data Constraints in the Analysis

Hakkarainen, Ari - Algarve, Southern Portugal, ebook

Algarve, Southern Portugal

Hakkarainen, Ari


Portugal in southern Europe has become a trendy and popular travel destination for people who are looking for a citybreak in one of the major cities of the country, and for people who enjoy the sun and the sea. The principal destination in Portugal for