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Emmons, Ron - Frommer's Southeast Asia, ebook

Frommer's Southeast Asia

Emmons, Ron


Take a spectacular junk ride through the towering limestone formations in Halong Bay. See chapter 5.
Detailed maps throughout
Exact prices, directions, opening hours,and other practical information
Candid reviews of hotels and restaurants,plus…

Wright, Ashley - Opium and Empire in Southeast Asia, ebook

Opium and Empire in Southeast Asia

Wright, Ashley


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ashley Wright
2. The Fashioning of Colonial Opium Policy in Arakan and Tenasserim, 1826–1852
Ashley Wright
3. Regulating Opium in British Burma, 1852–1885: Addiction, Ethnicity and Revenue

Gupta, Avijit - The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia, ebook

The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia

Gupta, Avijit


This will be the first comprehensive and detailed volume on the physical environment of Southeast Asia and will be essential reading for geographers, ecologists, and environmental managers. As the definitive reference work on the region it will cover

Stagars, Manuel - Open Data in Southeast Asia, ebook

Open Data in Southeast Asia

Stagars, Manuel


Open Data in Southeast Asia: Opportunities, Challenges, and Risks
Manuel Stagars
6. Additional Recommendations for an Open Data Roadmap and Conclusion
Manuel Stagars

Sindakis, Stavros - The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia, ebook

The Entrepreneurial Rise in Southeast Asia

Sindakis, Stavros


Innovation and Environmental Sustainability in Asia: Today’s Challenges Fuel Future Business Growth
13. Environmental Threats and its Effects on the Innovation Landscape in Thailand: Toward a Quintuple Helix?
Stefania Paladini, Eleni Anoyrkati
14. Environmental