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Seshadri, Sudhi - Sourcing Strategy, ebook

Sourcing Strategy

Seshadri, Sudhi


Table of contents
Part 1. Principles and Policy
1. Sourcing Strategy
2. Outsourcing
3. Architecture and Processes
4. Sourcing Goals and Objectives
5. The Government Sourcing Environment
6. Costs and Performance Risks
7. Contracts and Incentives
8. Source selection
9. Supplier Strategies
10. Sourcing

Faust, Peter - China Sourcing, ebook

China Sourcing

Faust, Peter


China Sourcing und Wertschöpfung in China
Peter Faust, Gang Yang
5. Empirische Untersuchung der Exportkompetenz chinesischer Lieferanten
Hans-Christian Pfohl, Jost Daft
6. Praxisbeispiele „China Sourcing und

Senft, Daniel - International Sourcing, ebook

International Sourcing

Senft, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Globalization
Daniel Senft
2. Differences and impacts of global sourcing
Daniel Senft
3. Research question and targets
Daniel Senft
4. Managing global sourcing economically
Daniel Senft
5. Open points, outlook on further research approaches and learned topics

Nassimbeni, Guido - Sourcing in China, ebook

Sourcing in China

Nassimbeni, Guido


Types of Sourcing in China: a Classification
Guido Nassimbeni, Marco Sartor
5. Is Strategy and Planning in China
Guido Nassimbeni, Marco Sartor
6. Aspects and Critical Issues of IS in China
Guido Nassimbeni, Marco Sartor
7. Foreign Investments

Nassimbeni, Guido - Sourcing in India, ebook

Sourcing in India

Nassimbeni, Guido


Table of contents
1. Service Offshoring: the Literature
Guido Nassimbeni, Marco Sartor
2. India: a Geo-economic Overview
Guido Nassimbeni, Marco Sartor
3. India: the Land of Service Offshoring
Guido Nassimbeni, Marco Sartor

Sollish, Fred - Strategic Global Sourcing Best Practices, ebook

Strategic Global Sourcing Best Practices

Sollish, Fred


The latest best practice guidance on all aspects of global strategic sourcing-including environmental and international issues
Best Practices in Global Strategic Sourcing
covers the latest trends and leading edge processes in global strategic sourcing,

Breuer, Peter - Global Sourcing im Handel, ebook

Global Sourcing im Handel

Breuer, Peter


Table of contents
1. Einleitung: Aufstieg der Eigenmarken — Herausforderung und Chance
2. Neue Rolle für die Beschaffung: Aktive Gestaltung der Lieferkette
3. Supply-Chain-Strategie: Wie viel Einfluss soll es sein?
4. Auswahl der Beschaffungsländer:…

Lacity, Mary C. - Global Sourcing of Business and IT Services, ebook

Global Sourcing of Business and IT Services

Lacity, Mary C.


Managing the sourcing process: A life cycle perspective
Sara Cullen, Peter Seddon, Leslie Willcocks
3. The core capabilities framework for achieving high performing back offices
Leslie Willcocks, David Feeny
4. Assessing 12 supplier capabilities