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Parveen, Razia - Recipes and Songs, ebook

Recipes and Songs

Parveen, Razia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Razia Parveen
2. Methodology
Razia Parveen
3. Mapping the Matrilineal
Razia Parveen
4. The Dynamics of Nostalgia in the Construction of Diasporic Identity
Razia Parveen
5. Space, Time…

Burnett, Anne Pippin - Pindar´s Songs for Young Athletes of Aigina, ebook

Pindar´s Songs for Young Athletes of Aigina

Burnett, Anne Pippin


This book consists of individual studies of the poet Pindar's eleven odes for the victors of the athletic contests on the island of Aigina. Anne Pippin Burnett addresses questions of mythic self-presentation, as well as Pindar's techniques for unifying... Copying…

Phillips, Mark - Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies, ebook

Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies

Phillips, Mark


Part instruction, part video and audio play-a-long, Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies is the perfect mix of instruction - whether you are a beginner or experienced guitar player. Watch correct hand position, posture, and playing techniques with detailed videos.