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Spring, Úrsula Oswald - Water Resources in Mexico, ebook

Water Resources in Mexico

Spring, Úrsula Oswald


Water Resources in Mexico: A Conceptual Introduction
Úrsula Oswald Spring, Ignacio Sánchez Cohen
2. Mexico’s Water Challenges for the 21st Century
Felipe I. ArreguÍn Cortés, Mario LÓpez Pérez, Humberto Marengo MogollÓn
3. Integrated Water Management

Chao, Fei - Advances in Computational Intelligence Systems, ebook

Advances in Computational Intelligence Systems

Chao, Fei


Optimization Allocation Between Multiple Logistic Tasks and Logistic Resources Considered Demand Uncertainty
Xiaofeng Xu, Jing Liu
32. Two-Stage Heuristic Algorithm for a New Model of Hazardous Material Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problem
Wenyan Yuan,