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Leuangthong, Oy - Solved Problems in Geostatistics, ebook

Solved Problems in Geostatistics

Leuangthong, Oy


Illustrating key methods through both theoretical and practical exercises, Solved Problems in Geostatistics is a valuable and well-organized collection of worked-out problems that allow the reader to master the statistical techniques for modeling data in the geological

Kamal, Ahmad A. - 1000 Solved Problems in Modern Physics, ebook

1000 Solved Problems in Modern Physics

Kamal, Ahmad A.


Table of contents
1. Mathematical Physics
Ahmad A. Kamal
2. Quantum Mechanics – I
Ahmad A. Kamal
3. Quantum Mechanics – II
Ahmad A. Kamal
4. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
Ahmad A. Kamal
5. Solid State Physics

Church, David B. - Clinical Reasoning in Small Animal Practice, ebook

Clinical Reasoning in Small Animal Practice

Church, David B.


Clinical Reasoning in Small Animal Practice presents a revolutionary approach to solving clinical problems. As a veterinarian, especially as a student or new graduate, a ten minute consultation in a busy small animal practice can be a daunting task. By…

Goldstein, Jack - 101 Amazing Facts about Jack the Ripper, ebook

101 Amazing Facts about Jack the Ripper

Goldstein, Jack


It is 1888 and the foggy streets of Whitechapel, one of the poorest areas of Victorian London, are gripped by fear. Five women thought have been murdered by the same hand, all but one of their corpses terrifyingly mutilated. But who were these women?…

Kristen, Clive - A French Restoration, ebook

A French Restoration

Kristen, Clive


When David and Doris Johnson restored a French mini-chateau, they learnt new skills, solved the mysteries of septic drainage, and excavated not only the ancient foundations, but the chequered history of the house itself. And through all this, and through new friends, they also rediscovered