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Grediac, Michel - Full-Field Measurements and Identification in Solid Mechanics, ebook

Full-Field Measurements and Identification in Solid Mechanics

Grediac, Michel


This timely book presents cutting-edge developments by experts in the field on the rapidly developing and scientifically challenging area of full-field measurement techniques used in solid mechanics – including photoelasticity, grid methods, deflectometry, holography, speckle interferometry

Micheloni, Rino - Solid-State-Drives (SSDs) Modeling, ebook

Solid-State-Drives (SSDs) Modeling

Micheloni, Rino


Table of contents
1. Solid State Drives (SSDs)
Rino Micheloni, Luca Crippa
2. NAND Flash Memories
Rino Micheloni, Luca Crippa
3. SSDExplorer: A Virtual Platform for SSD Simulations
Lorenzo Zuolo, Cristian Zambelli, Rino Micheloni, Piero Olivo
4. Design Trade-Offs for NAND Flash-Based SSDs

Evarestov, Robert A. - Quantum Chemistry of Solids, ebook

Quantum Chemistry of Solids

Evarestov, Robert A.


Surface Modeling in LCAO Calculations of Metal Oxides
Robert A. Evarestov
12. LCAO Calculations on Uranium Nitrides
Robert A. Evarestov
13. Symmetry and Modeling of BN, TiO2, and SrTiO3 Nanotubes
Robert A.

Abramov, Yuriy A. - Computational Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry, ebook

Computational Pharmaceutical Solid State Chemistry

Abramov, Yuriy A.


This book examines the state-of-the-art computational approaches to guide solid form experiments to optimize the physical and chemical properties of API related to its stability, bioavailability and formulatability.
The book is intended to be used as a professional