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Aho, Henry - Soldiers of Parra, ebook

Soldiers of Parra

Aho, Henry


Vanhempiensa helmoissa asuvat kaverukset Jussi ja Jarmo ovat liian vanhoja nuoriksi, mutta liian lapsia aikuisiksi. Turhautuminen ja kompleksit löytävät purkautumisväylän kiljunjuonnista ja maahanmuuttajavastaisesta katupartiosta, mutta sitten sattuma…

Mirra, Carl - Soldiers and Citizens, ebook

Soldiers and Citizens

Mirra, Carl


The New Winter Soldiers Redux: The Patriotism of Antiwar GIs
Carl Mirra
4. From Bunker Hill to Baghdad: We Will Continue the Mission
Carl Mirra
5. The Sacrifice of Military Families
Carl Mirra
6. War Managers: Pundits and Policy Officials

Arielli, Nir - Transnational Soldiers, ebook

Transnational Soldiers

Arielli, Nir


Desperate for Soldiers: The Recruitment of German Prisoners of War during the American War of Independence, 1776–83
Daniel Krebs
3. German Auxiliary Troops in the British and Dutch East India Companies
Chen Tzoref-Ashkenazi
4. The Politics of Foreign

David, Richard Harding - Real Soldiers of Fortune, ebook

Real Soldiers of Fortune

David, Richard Harding


A collection of fascinating biographies of six of England and America's greatest heroes and pioneers, including the 'King of Scouts' Frederick Russell Burnham, and Sir Winston Churchill.

Seal, Graham - The Soldiers’ Press, ebook

The Soldiers’ Press

Seal, Graham


Table of contents
1. The Zones of War
Graham Seal
2. From the Trenches
Graham Seal
3. We’re Here because We’re Here
Graham Seal
4. Things We Want to Know
Graham Seal
5. In the Pink
Graham Seal
6. The War

Schafer, Jessica - Soldiers at Peace, ebook

Soldiers at Peace

Schafer, Jessica


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jessica Schafer
2. Centers and Peripheries: Patterns of War
Jessica Schafer
Part I. War and Resocialization
3. Violence on the Periphery: Renamo Combatants, Civilians, and War
Jessica Schafer

Osman, Julia - Citizen Soldiers and the Key to the Bastille, ebook

Citizen Soldiers and the Key to the Bastille

Osman, Julia


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Key
Julia Osman
2. The King’s Army
Julia Osman
3. Defeat in New France
Julia Osman
4. Soldiers into Citizens
Julia Osman
5. A Citizen Army in America
Julia Osman
6. Aristocratic Rupture
Julia Osman
7. A Dream Deferred
Julia Osman

Podder, Sukanya - Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration, ebook

Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration

Podder, Sukanya


Mozambique Life Outcome Study: How Did Child Soldiers Turn Out as Adults?
Neil Boothby
14. Exclusion or Reintegration: Child Soldiers in Angola
Jaremey R. McMullin
15. Child Soldier Reintegration in Sudan: A Practitioner’s Field Experience