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Hudson, Douglas - Soldier 4346057, ebook

Soldier 4346057

Hudson, Douglas


This book is in the form of a diary of military service kept from 3 September 1939 to release in spring 1946. It is a true and accurate account. There is not one word of fiction. Douglas Hudson wrote about how he felt at the time, and what he saw in not…

Bailey, Ted - A Major soldier, ebook

A Major soldier

Bailey, Ted


After surviving that terrible conflict, grandad Frank finally retired with honour as a Major and his story is indeed that of A Major Soldier.

Mirra, Carl - Soldiers and Citizens, ebook

Soldiers and Citizens

Mirra, Carl


The New Winter Soldiers Redux: The Patriotism of Antiwar GIs
Carl Mirra
4. From Bunker Hill to Baghdad: We Will Continue the Mission
Carl Mirra
5. The Sacrifice of Military Families
Carl Mirra
6. War Managers: Pundits and Policy Officials

Arielli, Nir - Transnational Soldiers, ebook

Transnational Soldiers

Arielli, Nir


Desperate for Soldiers: The Recruitment of German Prisoners of War during the American War of Independence, 1776–83
Daniel Krebs
3. German Auxiliary Troops in the British and Dutch East India Companies
Chen Tzoref-Ashkenazi
4. The Politics of Foreign

David, Richard Harding - Real Soldiers of Fortune, ebook

Real Soldiers of Fortune

David, Richard Harding


A collection of fascinating biographies of six of England and America's greatest heroes and pioneers, including the 'King of Scouts' Frederick Russell Burnham, and Sir Winston Churchill.

Seal, Graham - The Soldiers’ Press, ebook

The Soldiers’ Press

Seal, Graham


Table of contents
1. The Zones of War
Graham Seal
2. From the Trenches
Graham Seal
3. We’re Here because We’re Here
Graham Seal
4. Things We Want to Know
Graham Seal
5. In the Pink
Graham Seal
6. The War

Schafer, Jessica - Soldiers at Peace, ebook

Soldiers at Peace

Schafer, Jessica


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jessica Schafer
2. Centers and Peripheries: Patterns of War
Jessica Schafer
Part I. War and Resocialization
3. Violence on the Periphery: Renamo Combatants, Civilians, and War
Jessica Schafer

Daly, Gavin - The British Soldier in the Peninsular War, ebook

The British Soldier in the Peninsular War

Daly, Gavin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gavin Daly
2. To the Peninsula
Gavin Daly
3. First Contact: Lisbon
Gavin Daly
4. Landscape and Climate
Gavin Daly
5. Billets and Hospitality
Gavin Daly
6. Searching for Civilization