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Hickman, Heather - The New Politics of the Textbook, ebook

The New Politics of the Textbook

Hickman, Heather


Textbooks as Mechanisms for Teachers’ Sociopolitical and Pedagogical Alienation
Mary Koutselini
2. Missing and Shrinking Voices
Randria Williams, Vonzell Agosto
3. The Ruling Ideas in the Textbook
Shelley J. Jensen
4. The Competency-based

Gnecco, Cristóbal - Against Typological Tyranny in Archaeology, ebook

Against Typological Tyranny in Archaeology

Gnecco, Cristóbal


Blind Men and an Elephant: Exchange Systems and Sociopolitical Organizations in the Orinoco Basin and Neighboring Areas in Pre-Hispanic Times
Rafael A. Gassón
3. Palenques and Palisades: A Revision of Social Complexity Issues in Contact-Period Eastern Venezuela

Dillian, Carolyn D. - Trade and Exchange, ebook

Trade and Exchange

Dillian, Carolyn D.


Exotic Goods, Chivay Obsidian, and Sociopolitical Change in the South-Central Andes
Nicholas Tripcevich
5. The Supply of Stone to the City of Rome: A Case Study of the Transport of Anician Building Stone and Millstone from the Santa Trinità Quarry (Orvieto)

Habu, Junko - Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology, ebook

Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology

Habu, Junko


Transportation and the Anomaly of Road Systems in Medieval Mainland Southeast Asia
Mitch Hendrickson
33. The Development of Urban Places in Southeast Asia
John N. Miksic
Part V. Centers, Peripheries, and Interaction Networks
34. The Yayoi and Kofun