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Waisbord, Silvio - Media Sociology: A Reappraisal, ebook

Media Sociology: A Reappraisal

Waisbord, Silvio


Where is sociology in contemporary media studies? How do sociological questions and arguments shape media analysis? These are the questions addressed in this timely collection on media sociology.
Sociology was fundamental in defining the analytical boundaries of early media studies,

Fleck, Christian - Sociology in Austria, ebook

Sociology in Austria

Fleck, Christian


Table of contents
1. Sociology in Austria: Introduction
Christian Fleck
2. A Remarkable Past
Christian Fleck
3. A Decade of Backwardness
Christian Fleck
4. A Missed Opportunity
Christian Fleck
5. Years of Reforms
Christian Fleck
6. The Eye of the Needle in Recruiting

Löw, Martina - The Sociology of Space, ebook

The Sociology of Space

Löw, Martina


Why Should Sociology Concern Itself with Space?
Martina Löw
2. Notions of Space in Context
Martina Löw
3. Changes in Spatial Phenomena
Martina Löw
4. Toward a Sociological Concept of Space
Martina Löw
5. The Constitution of Space

Manzo, Gianluca - Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks, ebook

Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks

Manzo, Gianluca


Demonstrates the power of the theoretical framework of analytical sociology in
explaining a large array of social phenomena
Analytical Sociology: Actions and Networks presents the most advanced theoretical discussion of analytical sociology,

Titarenko, Larissa - Sociology in Russia, ebook

Sociology in Russia

Titarenko, Larissa


Russian Early Period of Sociology: Predecessors and First Professionals
Larissa Titarenko, Elena Zdravomyslova
3. Russian Sociology in the 1920s–Mid-1950s: The Beginnings of Soviet Sociology
Larissa Titarenko, Elena

Clemens, Elisabeth S. - What is Political Sociology?, ebook

What is Political Sociology?

Clemens, Elisabeth S.


With an entire discipline devoted to political science, what is distinctive about political sociology? This concise book explains what a sociological perspective brings to our understanding of the emergence, reproduction, and transformation of different forms of political order. Crucially,

Louckx, Kaat - Sociology in Belgium, ebook

Sociology in Belgium

Louckx, Kaat


Table of contents
1. Sociology in Belgium
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
2. Religion
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
3. Language
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
4. Publications
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx
5. Epilogue
Raf Vanderstraeten, Kaat Louckx