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Herk, Gerard Van - What Is Sociolinguistics?, ebook

What Is Sociolinguistics?

Herk, Gerard Van


How is our language affected by our ethnicity, gender, and region? How are our conversations and other interactions structured? How does society view and regulate language? How do we use language to present ourselves to others? In this revised and updated second edition of the popular What Is Sociolinguistics? Gerard

Herk, Gerard Van - What Is Sociolinguistics, ebook

What Is Sociolinguistics

Herk, Gerard Van


What is Sociolinguistics? is a tour through the major issues that define the field, such as region, status, gender, time, language attitudes, interaction, and style, while also exploring the sociolinguistics of multilingualism, culture and ethnicity,

Holmes, Janet - Research Methods in Sociolinguistics: A Practical Guide, ebook

Research Methods in Sociolinguistics: A Practical Guide

Holmes, Janet


This single-volume guide equips students of sociolinguistics with a full set of methodological tools including data collection and analysis techniques, explained in clear and accessible terms by leading experts. It features project suggestions, troubleshooting tips, and data assessment across

Milroy, Lesley - Sociolinguistics: Method and Interpretation, ebook

Sociolinguistics: Method and Interpretation

Milroy, Lesley


Sociolinguistics: Method and Interpretation presents a thorough and practical description of current sociolinguistic methodology while recognizing that methodological decisions can never be separated from questions of theory.
Presents a thorough and practical description of current sociolinguistic

Lawson, Robert - Sociolinguistics in Scotland, ebook

Sociolinguistics in Scotland

Lawson, Robert


A Short History of Sociolinguistics in Scotland
Ronald Macaulay
3. Accent Variation and Change in North-East Scotland: The Case of (HW) in Aberdeen
Thorsten Brato
4. A Socio-Articulatory Study of Scottish Rhoticity
Eleanor Lawson, James M. Scobbie,

Wardhaugh, Ronald - An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, ebook

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Wardhaugh, Ronald

From 34,45€

A fully revised new edition of Ronald Wardhaugh’s popular introduction to sociolinguistics, which now includes over 150 new and updated references and new study features throughoutFeatures new “Explorations” sections in each chapter incorporating

Hickey, Raymond - Sociolinguistics in Ireland, ebook

Sociolinguistics in Ireland

Hickey, Raymond


The Sociolinguistics of Language Use in Ireland
Anne Barron, Irina Pandarova
Part II. Language and Society in Irish History
6. Language Relations in Early Ireland
Patricia Ronan
7. From Early Modern Ireland to the Great Famine
Liam Mac Mathúna

Braber, Natalie - Sociolinguistics in England, ebook

Sociolinguistics in England

Braber, Natalie


An Overview of Sociolinguistics in England
Sandra Jansen, Natalie Braber
2. Urban Literacies and Processes of Supralocalisation: A Historical Sociolinguistic Perspective
Anita Auer
3. Social Change, Linguistic Change and Sociolinguistic Change in Received

Fuller, Janet M. - An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, ebook

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics

Fuller, Janet M.


Fully updated to reflect the most recent scholarship in the field and revised to include many more pedagogical features, An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 7th Edition builds on its foundation as the most preeminent textbook in sociolinguistics, updated