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Deane, Alexander - The Great Abdication, ebook

The Great Abdication

Deane, Alexander


According to Deane’s contentious thesis, our middle class has abstained from its responsibility to uphold societal values, and the enormously damaging collapse of our society’s norms and standards is largely a result of that

Chaston, Ian - Public Sector Reformation, ebook

Public Sector Reformation

Chaston, Ian


Table of contents
1. Towards the Inevitable
Ian Chaston
2. Societal Values and Expectations
Ian Chaston
3. Politicians
Ian Chaston
4. The Media
Ian Chaston
5. Leadership
Ian Chaston
6. Employees
Ian Chaston
7. Organisational Values
Ian Chaston
8. Vision, Mission and

Wichert, Reiner - Ambient Assisted Living, ebook

Ambient Assisted Living

Wichert, Reiner


Telemedical ILOG Listeners: Information Logistics Processing of Telemedical Values Using CEP and HL7
Sven Meister, Valentin Stahlmann
19. Context Management for Self-adaptive User Interfaces in the Project MyUI
Oliver Strnad, Artur Felic, Andreas Schmidt

Gordijn, Bert - In Pursuit of Nanoethics, ebook

In Pursuit of Nanoethics

Gordijn, Bert


Ethical and Societal Values in Nanotoxicology
Kevin C. Elliott
Part IV. Public Debate and Policy
11. Nanotechnology, Risk and Public Perceptions
Philip Macnaghten
12. Unlocking the Futures of Nanotechology. Future-Oriented

Rubenstein, Doris - The Good Corporate Citizen: A Practical Guide, ebook

The Good Corporate Citizen: A Practical Guide

Rubenstein, Doris


Corporate citizenship refers to the way a company integrates basic social values with everyday business practices, operations and policies. A corporate citizenship company understands that its own success is intertwined with societal health and well

Paradeise, Catherine - In Search of Academic Quality, ebook

In Search of Academic Quality

Paradeise, Catherine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Catherine Paradeise, Jean-Claude Thoenig
Part I. The Road to Academic Excellence
2. Addressing Evolving Societal Expectations
Catherine Paradeise, Jean-Claude Thoenig
3. When Numbers Define Academic Quality
Catherine Paradeise, Jean-Claude Thoenig
Part II. Making