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Forsyth, Donelson R. - Leading Through Conflict, ebook

Leading Through Conflict

Forsyth, Donelson R.


Moral Conflicts and Dark Resolutions
Daniel N. Jones
2. Meta-Analyzing the Differential Effects of Emotions on Disengagement from Unethical Behavior: An Asymmetric Self-Regulation Model
Dejun Tony Kong, Sarah Drew
3. Permeable Borders: How Understanding

Ganzevoort, R. Ruard - Lived Religion and the Politics of (In)Tolerance, ebook

Lived Religion and the Politics of (In)Tolerance

Ganzevoort, R. Ruard


“Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol” Lived Religion, Conflict, and Intolerance in Brazilian Films
Júlio Cézar Adam
Part II. Fostering Tolerance
7. God, Government, and Greenbelt: Lived Religion and the Cultural Politics of (In)Tolerance in the Social Engineering

Tressaud, Alain - Progress in Science, Progress in Society, ebook

Progress in Science, Progress in Society

Tressaud, Alain


The Contribution of Social Sciences and the Humanities to Research Addressing Societal Challenges. Towards a Policy for Interdisciplinarity at European Level?
Philippe Keraudren
6. Science in an Age of (Non)Reason
John R. Porter, Bernd Wollenweber

Corbe, Marian - A Civil-Military Response to Hybrid Threats, ebook

A Civil-Military Response to Hybrid Threats

Corbe, Marian


Reinforcing Deterrence Through Societal Resilience: Countering Hybrid Threats in the Baltic Region
James Rogers
13. Civil-Military Responses to Hybrid Threats in East Asia
Andrew Gawthorpe
14. Conclusions
Marian Corbe, Eugenio Cusumano