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Gold, Marina - People and State in Socialist Cuba, ebook

People and State in Socialist Cuba

Gold, Marina


Table of contents
1. Perpetual Revolution
Marina Gold
2. Accounts of the Revolution
Marina Gold
3. Practices of the Revolution
Marina Gold
4. Discourses on the Revolution
Marina Gold
5. Limits of the Revolution
Marina Gold
6. The Revolution and the State
Marina Gold

Wilson, Marisa - Everyday Moral Economies: Food, Politics and Scale in Cuba, ebook

Everyday Moral Economies: Food, Politics and Scale in Cuba

Wilson, Marisa


Discusses the conflict between the socialist-welfare ideal of food as an entitlement and the market value of food as a commodityBridges the fields of human geography and anthropologyApproaches food networks and the scale of food systems in a novel wayProvides a comprehensive

Shen, Yipeng - Public Discourses of Contemporary China, ebook

Public Discourses of Contemporary China

Shen, Yipeng


Heshang: Socialist Historical Consciousness in Transformation and the 1980s Pedagogy of Reform
Yipeng Shen
3. Making Money Is Patriotic: New Immigrant Fiction of the Early 1990s
Yipeng Shen
4. Patriotism, History, and Leitmotif Films in the Late 1990s

Gamble, Andrew - Politics and Fate, ebook

Politics and Fate

Gamble, Andrew


It reflects the disillusion of political hopes in liberal and socialist utopias in the twentieth century and a widespread disenchantment with the grand narratives of the Enlightenment about reason and progress, and with modernity itself.

The most characteristic

Benmayor, Rina - Memory, Subjectivities, and Representation, ebook

Memory, Subjectivities, and Representation

Benmayor, Rina


Voices of Spanish Socialist Trade Unionism during the End of the Franco Regime and the Transition to Democracy
Pilar Domínguez Prats
4. “Gendered” Memories: Women’s Narratives from the Southern Cone
Cristina Scheibe Wolff, Joana Maria Pedro, Janine

Bitzan, Renate - Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe, ebook

Gender and Far Right Politics in Europe

Bitzan, Renate


Gender Stereotypes Constructed by the Media: The Case of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) in Germany
Michaela Köttig
16. A World Without Gender? The Struggle of Austria’s Far Right over What It Means to Be Human: An Analysis of Barbara Rosenkranz’

Cowen, Robert - International Handbook of Comparative Education, ebook

International Handbook of Comparative Education

Cowen, Robert


Comparing Colonial Education Discourses in the French and Portuguese African Empires: An Essay on Hybridization
Ana Isabel Madeira
14. Education and State Formation in Italy
Donatella Palomba
15. Social Change and Configurations of Rhetoric: Schooling