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Mannix, Darlene - Social Skills Activities for Special Children, ebook

Social Skills Activities for Special Children

Mannix, Darlene


A flexible, ready-to-use program to help special students in grades K-5 learn appropriate ways to behave among others
The revised and updated second edition of this bestselling resource book provides ready-to-use lessons--complete with reproducible worksheets--to help children become aware of acceptable social

Hansel, Toni - Soft Skills, ebook

Soft Skills

Hansel, Toni


Soft Skills — Alternative zur Fachlichkeit oder weiche Performance?
Toni Hansel
3. Zur Dialektik von Soft Skills und fachlicher Kompetenz
Hans-Werner Jendrowiak
4. Wissenskommunikation — erhöhen Skills

Matson, Johnny L. - Social Behavior and Skills in Children, ebook

Social Behavior and Skills in Children

Matson, Johnny L.


Theories of Social Competence from the Top-Down to the Bottom-Up: A Case for Considering Foundational Human Needs
Kathryn N Stump, Jacklyn M Ratliff, Yelena P Wu, Patricia H Hawley
3. Etiology and Relationships to Developmental Disabilities and Psychopathology