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Maj, Mario - Phobias, ebook


Maj, Mario


Phobias are increasingly common amongst the general population, sometimes resulting in a very significant social disability and burden for the family. Most cases remain undiagnosed, and many of those which are diagnosed are treated inappropriately.

Weeks, Justin W. - The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Social Anxiety Disorder, ebook

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Social Anxiety Disorder

Weeks, Justin W.


Featuring leading international authors working in clinical psychology and psychiatry, this handbook offer the most in-depth coverage of social anxiety disorder, including personality factors in SAD, and multicultural issues in the diagnosis, case conceptualization, and treatment of SAD.A

Turner, Francis J. - Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice, ebook

Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice

Turner, Francis J.


Envisioning fatherhood: A social psychological perspective on young men without kids, William Marsiglio, Sally Hutchinson and Mark Cohen 9. The function of fathers: What poor men say about fatherhood, Kathleen A. Kost 10. 'Undeserving' mothers? Practitioners' experiences

Emmelkamp, Paul - The Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders, ebook

The Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders

Emmelkamp, Paul


This two-volume, state-of-the-art Handbook on the research and treatment of anxiety and related disorders is the most internationally and clinically oriented Handbook currently available, encompassing a broad network of researchers, from leading experts…

Leonardsen, Dag - Crime in Japan, ebook

Crime in Japan

Leonardsen, Dag


Reacting to and Tackling Social Problems: Moral Panic and Perseverance
Dag Leonardsen
3. Economic, Social, and Cultural Changes 1990–2005
Dag Leonardsen
4. Crime in Japan 1990—Mid-2000s
Dag Leonardsen

Dickstein, Jonathan Michael - Lacan and the Nonhuman, ebook

Lacan and the Nonhuman

Dickstein, Jonathan Michael


A Horse: No Worse? Phobia and the Failure of Human Metaphors in Psychoanalysis
Celeste Pietrusza, Jess Dunn
4. The Human Not in the Human
A. Kiarina Kordela
5. L’extermination de tout Symbolisme des Cieux: Reading the Lacanian Letter as Inhuman

McKay, Dean - Handbook of Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders, ebook

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders

McKay, Dean


Issues in Differential Diagnosis: Phobias and Phobic Conditions
Marjorie Crozier, Seth J. Gillihan, Mark B. Powers
3. Issues in Differential Diagnosis: Considering Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Murray, Samantha - The ‘Fat’ Female Body, ebook

The ‘Fat’ Female Body

Murray, Samantha


Fed Up with Fat-Phobia: Coming Out as ‘Fat’
Samantha Murray
6. Fat Pride and the Insistence on the Voluntarist Subject
Samantha Murray
7. Fattening Up Foucault: A ‘Fat’ Counter-Aesthetic?
Samantha Murray
Part III. ‘Fat’ ‘Being’: