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Mitra, Pabitra - Link Prediction in Social Networks, ebook

Link Prediction in Social Networks

Mitra, Pabitra


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Virinchi Srinivas, Pabitra Mitra
2. Link Prediction Using Thresholding Nodes Based on Their Degree
Virinchi Srinivas, Pabitra Mitra
3. Locally Adaptive Link Prediction
Virinchi Srinivas, Pabitra…

Besch, Markus - Enterprise Social Networks, ebook

Enterprise Social Networks

Besch, Markus


Enterprise Social Networks aus der Perspektive der Forschung
1. Enterprise Social Networks – Einführung in die Thematik und Ableitung relevanter

Panteli, Niki - Virtual Social Networks, ebook

Virtual Social Networks

Panteli, Niki


Virtual Social Networks: A New Dimension for Virtuality Research
Niki Panteli
2. Learning Virtually or Virtually Distracted? The Impact of Emerging Internet Technologies on Pedagogical Practice
Simran K. Grewal, Lisa

Miritello, Giovanna - Temporal Patterns of Communication in Social Networks, ebook

Temporal Patterns of Communication in Social Networks

Miritello, Giovanna


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Motivations
Giovanna Miritello
2. Social and Communication Networks
Giovanna Miritello
3. Social Strategies in Communication Networks
Giovanna Miritello
4. Predicting Tie Creation and Decay
Giovanna Miritello
5. Information Spreading on Communication Networks

Battu, Daniel - Communication Networks Economy, ebook

Communication Networks Economy

Battu, Daniel


The rapid economic expansion of the Western countries during the XX century has favored the idea that Economy growth could be mathematically linked to the manufacturing processes and to a correct management and distribution of the common tools necessary in the social life.  A specific geographical