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Chin, Alvin - Mobile Social Networking, ebook

Mobile Social Networking

Chin, Alvin


Social Behavior in Mobile Social Networks: Characterizing Links, Roles, and Communities
Martin Atzmueller
5. Mobile Social Service Design for Special Context
Huanglingzi Liu, Wei Wang, Dong Liu, Hao Wang, Ying Liu

Obaidat, Mohammad S. - Cooperative Networking, ebook

Cooperative Networking

Obaidat, Mohammad S.


This book focuses on the latest trends and research results in Cooperative Networking
This book discusses the issues involved in cooperative networking, namely, bottleneck resource management, resource utilization, servers and content, security, and so on. In addition, the authors address

Ivana, Greti-Iulia - Social Ties in Online Networking, ebook

Social Ties in Online Networking

Ivana, Greti-Iulia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Greti-Iulia Ivana
2. It Happened on Facebook
Greti-Iulia Ivana
3. Facebook and Real Life
Greti-Iulia Ivana
4. Meaning Construction in Overviewing: “It Was Like Catching Up, But Without Talking”
Greti-Iulia Ivana
5. Meaning Construction in Online Social

Kelsey, Todd - Social Networking Spaces, ebook

Social Networking Spaces

Kelsey, Todd


Table of contents
1. Carpe Diem! Capture, Preserve, and Share Your Adventures on Social Networks
Todd Kelsey
2. What the Heck is Facebook?
Todd Kelsey
3. Getting Started with Facebook
Todd Kelsey
4. Capturing Your Story on Facebook
Todd Kelsey
5. Branching Out: Facebook Pages and Facebook Advertising

Light, Ben - Disconnecting with Social Networking Sites, ebook

Disconnecting with Social Networking Sites

Light, Ben


Table of contents
Part I. Appropriating Social Networking Sites
1. The Connectivity Conundrum
Ben Light
2. Theorising Technological Appropriation
Ben Light
3. Acknowledging Mediators
Ben Light
Part II. Public Disconnection
4. Shaping Publics
Ben Light
5. Navigating Work
Ben Light