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Jung, Dietrich - Muslim History and Social Theory, ebook

Muslim History and Social Theory

Jung, Dietrich


Functional Differentiation, Theories of Emergence, and World Society: The Macro Level of Modernity
Dietrich Jung
4. Contingency, Modern Subjectivity, and Cultural Types: The Micro Level of Modernity
Dietrich Jung
5. Modernization, Organization, and

Marx, Ive - Minimum Income Protection in Flux, ebook

Minimum Income Protection in Flux

Marx, Ive


Struggle for Life: Social Assistance Benefits, 1992–2009
Natascha Mechelen, Sarah Marchal
3. Mind the Gap: Net Incomes of Minimum Wage Workers in the EU and the US
Ive Marx, Sarah Marchal, Brian Nolan
4. Child Poverty as a Government Priority: Child

Carr, Christopher - Gathering Hopewell, ebook

Gathering Hopewell

Carr, Christopher


Salient Issues in the Social and Political Organizations of Northern Hopewellian Peoples
Christopher Carr
4. Community Organizations in the Scioto, Mann, and Havana Hopewellian Regions
Bret J. Ruby, Christopher Carr, Douglas K. Charles
5. The Nature

Beets, Gijs - The Future of Motherhood in Western Societies, ebook

The Future of Motherhood in Western Societies

Beets, Gijs


Sexual Differentiation of the Human Brain and Male/Female Behaviour
Dick F. Swaab
5. On the Societal Impact of Modern Contraception
Dirk J. van de Kaa
6. The Demography of the Age at First Birth: The Close Relationship between Having Children and Postponement